Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 388

Things are still very positive in my life.

This year's new job and move to Bristol have led to me having a busier, more active life and feeling more fulfilled. I still haven't really followed up on some of the other techniques for positive living previously mentioned but these are things that I'll look at again in the new year.

For now there's Christmas, which I am looking forward to, and the new year beyond.

Further updates in due course, but (much) more regular blogging can be found on the widow's world and my new blog, Lib Dem Gains.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day 128

It's been an eventful couple of months (well 3) since I last posted, but it's been eventful... So here's a special edition of 3 positive things to celebrate:

  1. A New Job... After my previous job moved from Wells to Bath, I moved jobs to Bristol
  2. A New Home... My housemate has also got a new job and we're moving to Bristol at the end of April
  3. New Years Resolutions which seem to be going well - monthly checks can be found here.
So, I promise more entries here, more regularly, but for the meantime things are definitely on the up!!